Most Popular Genre of Books

Genre is the theme or storyline of a book; which it can be categorised into. The best way to start writing a story is by picking the right genre, if you are doubtful of what to write. But there is no definitive formula.

Being a writer; delving into a world of writing a book, whether self-publishing e-book or a paper back, it’s only natural to be doubtful

The only problem is that there are so many genres out there. Don’t stress; we’ve got you covered! We have the current trending literary genres you can try out right here!

You can encourage the profitability of your book if more people are interested in reading it. This means-select a trending book genre.

Romance is the most popular and profitable genre till date, that makes up for 50% of books sold, in the fiction book category. It has 2 major sub-categories: contemporary romance and historical romance.

Next in line in fiction are; crime and thrillers. Someone told, “Horror, let’s face it, is basically pretty dumb. You’re writing about events that are preposterous, and the trick is to dress them up in language so compelling that the reader doesn’t care.”

Mystery, fantasy, science fiction are also very popular.

In the non-fiction category, apart from religious books; cookbooks, self-help books, memoirs, art and photography books, biographies etc. find a place on the top of the list.

In recent years, e-books and audio-books are becoming increasingly popular. So it is advisable to get your books converted to e-books as well. Book designers such as White Magic Studios will be of service

Last, but not the least, write books of that genre which you personally read or which interests you.

After you have completed writing a book of a genre of your choice, let the rest of the publishing necessities such as formatting, editing, layouts, or an attractive book cover design, e-book conversions etc. be accomplished by professionals & illustrated book cover designer as White Magic Studios. More people will be interested in picking it up now off the shelves.


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