Skills essential for new writers

There’s more to being a writer than just writing.

No! Not book covers illustrations, book front covers, book cover design, book formatting services, e-book conversion, self-publishing a book. These will be taken care of by the professional book design agencies.

Confused? “Writing skills is the only prerogative for a writer. What more does he require?” you’d say. No! Wrong! There are other finer details that a writer has to concentrate on; to elevate the enjoyable reading experience of your audience.

Let’s understand some finer skills required of a writer.

  • Communication skills: It may seem obvious but writers should be able to express themselves well. Book illustrations accomplished by book illustration agency helps to a great extent in this regard. 
  • Adaptability: If you are writing for a company or for someone, you have to be flexible. You may have to change from your style of writing to that; what suits their requirements. 
  • Discipline: Writing is a creative field and you may not have ideas; what to write about, some days. But you should make it a habit of picking up the pen (or keyboard) and start writing. The write-up follows gradually. 
  • Research: Before you embark on any writing project, it’s imperative to research in that particular field. Be itfiction which refers to plots, settings, and characters created from the imagination; or nonfiction which refers to factual stories focusedon actual events and people. 

How can one be organized in his thoughts with so much mess around 

  • Organizational skills: You should be organized; as in where you are keeping your stuff; in which folder or where on the desk. 

Now that you are all prepared, compose yourself, relax in that cool corner of yours, take out your notebook or laptop and pour out your creativity. The outcome is bound to be wonderful.

P.S: You cannot or shouldn’t try to do all the other book related activities such as to convert book to e-book, book formatting services, book trailers and such other aspects by yourselves. Hire an illustrator or a book design agency like White Magic Studios to do them for you. You’ll be amazed at the results.


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