Purpose of book illustrations and book cover illustrations

“Illustrations can be a big window: a looking glass into the author’s imagination.” Tony DiTerlizzi told.

Do you wonder why best-selling magazines are filled with attractive pictures and illustrations? Why are children’s books full of pictures?

Illustrations are focal to enhancing the entire reading experience. Thus it creates the best likelihood of enhanced sales as well. As Tony rightly said, an author can express himself/herself through illustrations more than words. A well-illustrated book attracts young readers and adults alike.

Are illustrations important?


Why? Let’s walk through the reasons why a book illustration agency is more important than you think.

  • Illustrations provide readers, young and otherwise;visuals of the characters, settings, surroundings and also sets the mood of the situation. Readers can immediately relate with the story.
  • It’s a tool for analysis, interpretation, active engagement other than enjoyment. Excellent tool for developing children’s analytical and interpretative skills.
  • Immediate understanding of the characters by kids due to their visual appeal. They even relate to them very well. Illustrations help the early readers to associate objects and actions with words.

 Illustrations on the covers and inside too (by White Magic Studios)

  • Story telling is made easier through book cover illustrations and also in the book. Hire an illustrator to make it fun for kids to discover clues in that inform them about vital elements of the story. You can go through the illustrations in Space Travels With Our Dog or The Secret Of Santa’s Door accomplished by White Magic Studios.
  • Illustrations on book cover is the most important factor for any book to be successful. Well thought book cover layouts tells a lot about the book; meanwhile keeping the suspense intact.
  • Illustrations makes expressing abstract ideas easy. It is complimentary to writing. It conveys humour easily.

Comics with lots of drawings appeal to kids and they love reading them more, than their text books devoid of any illustrations. People perceive images faster than words and illustrations are more attractive than other forms of visual communication. In an e-book conversion3D illustrations and animations help push up the sales of the book immensely.

Hence, if you want to raise the popularity of your book, tie up with book design agencies such as White Magic Studios who will help you with the book cover designs and also book formatting services.

Source: https://bookcoverdesigneruk.mystrikingly.com/blog/purpose-of-book-illustrations-and-book-cover-illustrations

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